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Are different other tokens a role model for cloud tokens? ?

(Stand 20.06.2019)
If you're interested in cryptocurrencies and network marketing, you probably have from PlusToken, and possibly also owned by Wotoken or you
are already invested in these tokens.

Plustoken and Wo token have attracted a lot of attention in recent months and achieved a truly global presence. These are
cryptocurrency purses with built-in AI trading bots that generate daily profits for you. Basically, you'll be rewarded for keeping cryptocurrencies in those wallets. It comes with the deposited tokens operated among other arbitage trade. The profits
generated are then partly paid out as so-called Rewards.

PlusToken launched at the end of April 2018, costing only $ 0.40 at the time. The token costs about $ 70 (April 19, 2019).
Now, this value has far exceeded $ 70 and is just above the $ 130 mark (as of June 19, 2019).

Those who have been there from the beginning have earned a good deal of money. Some other tokens have been trying to
succeed by PlusToken. Probably the most successful successor is Wotoken. Wotoken has a solid technology and a very intuitive
design. And it has achieved a similar global presence as PlusToken. Unfortunately, you do not have to say that either it is proven
if the system works. Therefore, there is a certain risk for all tokens because you give the coins out of hand.

I hope every investor has switched to Cloudtoken. or at least has left the positive token at a profit. The coudtoken are already existing for many
years real companies behind it In addition, it is planned in the foreseeable future, too the private keys will come to the wallets.

The first is here in July / August 2019, the Eth Wallet specified. Other currencies will follow.Then each investor is the owner of the corresponding wallet and has full access to it. We as a team will study the risk very closely and stay tuned.

Neues vom 19.7.2019
1. Neue Coins werden interegiert : EOS,Ripple,Monero,ZCash werden interegiert.
2.Change von Coin to Coin :



Hier nun in eigener Sache

Anyone who registers here under US and takes the Reflink (invitation code is 1344528807 ) will also have access to the tools provided (eg help desk, webinars, telegram group and contact to the upline,).
(eg help desk, webinars, telegram group and contact to the upline,).

In order to take advantage of my registration, my Reflink must be taken at registration AND an email must be sent.

We are all invested in the cloud token and estimate the current risk as very low. Should be the risk The further procedure is also discussed and evaluated in the corresponding telegram group.

Jarvis AI Dog - Artificial intelligence that is also used in many companies..

For cloud tokens, the system is named "JARVIS-AI". Based on the Marvel character JARVIS probably stands for "Just A Rather's Very Intelligent System." "JARVIS 'latest AI technology will make the profit by analyzing consumer behavior in the past and by using AI trading techniques and knowledge predict future trading behavior. The JARVIS AI technology is used by some of the world's largest public and private companies (Wal-Mart, MasterCard, Coca-Cola, Google, etc.).

JARVIS uses the same technology to provide users with powerful cryptocurrency forecasting services. JARVIS can trade in 38 different exchanges in real time using the Arbitrage Hodl strategy to minimize risk.

It implements a real-time multi-transaction platform activity of buying a low and a high sale and achieves the price difference through the global real-time high-frequency hedging and gives cloud tokens as a reward. The live tracking of arbitrage trading will be Coming soon in the app. The estimated trading results are between 6% and 12% per month.

Cloud tokens your big opportunity

CloudToken (CTO) is a token, which has also made this task exactly.

It is to be outdone the success of PlusToken.

Take all positive parts of the token and use their synergy effects and benefits

and combines that with innovative new possibilities. In the background are real companies that are also behind the business idea and will support this token with real innovative tools.

Again, there is an arbitage software named Jarvis (including Artificial Intelligence) behind it. It should not be difficult to repeat the success or
even top it.

The advantages over other projects
- No investment or membership fees
- No blocking of your coins
- No contract periods
- No monthly fees or autoships
- No packages to buy
- Credit always available
- Your profit starts on the 1st day
- The cloud token has the potential of $ 0.30 to climb to over $ 50 in 12   
- The prizes are distributed daily from the software - Most lucrative   
   industry referral program Including worldwide Availability for everyone.

The reasons why we said "yes"

There are a few reasons why we could
not ignore CloudToken (CTO).

Behind the CloudToken (CTO) are real companies. Also the manufacturer of the app is known and is incl. company name incl. Address named. Cloud token was from WSBA, Singapore fourth-generation public blockchain technology team founded.

The CEO is Ronald Aai, serial entrepreneur of the last 25 years. In his early career, he successfully built several Internet Companies and developed new technologies for social media, payment, mobile wallets, mobile phones, telecommunication systems, IOT solutions and blockchain technology. At the real companies is So a company while the credit cards already issued.

This company has a lot of experience in the field and very good contacts.

From August 2019, CloudToken will also be connected to a credit card. It is then also started the private To hand over keys of wallets. There will be cooperation with other partners and dealers, such as Give expedia.

This collaboration is very important to offer the booking of hotels, airplanes, etc. via CloudToken (CTO).

Here are some important basics !

The money is always liquid and you can withdraw it at any time via the ETH or BTC values or via a dedicated credit card (issued after reaching 150,000 members).

There are no blackout periods, no contracts, no membership, no packages to buy, no monthly fees.

Simply drop cryptos into this wallet BTC, ETH, USDT or TUSD and enable Jarvis.The course of CTO is constantly recalculated.

Here is a summary

Cloud Token is a decentralized digital crypto wallet that integrates all digital assets into one platform and acts as a social and wealth management tool. The latest generation of Blockchain 4.0 technology has the ability to perform encrypted trading and payment using interblockchain technology. They developed a high-frequency artificial intelligence software called "Triangle" called JARVIS AI.

The Jarvis technology is used for some of the largest public and private companies in the world (Walmart, Mastercard, Coca-Cola, Google and many more), the brain is artificial intelligence. By working with this technology, JARVIS users get powerful Coin Prediction within the service.

Cloud token laying the cornerstone:

Simon Tran, one of PlusToken's top leaders, attended the World Blockchain Forum (WBF) in Shenzhen, China, in January 2019. met the Chief Tech Officer of Cloud Token (CTO), Ronald Aai.

Apparently Simon was thrilled with the technology and started this business opportunity with his PlusToken supporters to share (He has built up a very strong sales). His team is mainly from the US and Canada, where PlusToken no longer operated on. All previous other tokens are dwarfed.

That's just our personal assessment. However, if we're right, CloudToken (CTO) has the potential to be a huge one Reach range and will be significantly higher in value and price than the old token. It is already built a large community. Besides the strong network, CloudToken also has a solid technical base. There are already several articles and videos.

The exchange rate is already very much on the rise. The price was $ 0.30 on April 11, 2019. Only 45 days later the price stood at $ 0.39 and at 20.6.2019 even at $ 0.4380. Only 4 days later 24.06.19 the price reaches $ 0.4450. So far, that makes a percentage daily price increase of about 0.89%.


Hier eine Zusammenfassung :

The official launch of CloudToken was on May 12, 2019 in Bangkok. ,
- CTO is the name of the token
- CTO Price Was $ 0.30 (April 11, 2019) -> Today at $ 0.4450 (24.06.2019)
- Monthly returns are currently between 6% and 12%
- The CloudToken app is available through this link: http://www.cloudtokenwallet.com/ <- This is the original website
- The app is very intuitive and runs very stable (compared to competitors such as Plustoken)
- You do not need an SMS code to register (which is a painful point for some competitors)
- To get started, you need a 10-digit invitation code from your sponsor or you accept my invitation code (My invitation code is 1344528807) Thank you!
- The Malaysian Head Support Office (Kuala Lumpur) will be opened in mid-August.
- There was a Mega Opening Event in Malaysia for 10,000 members.
- In August 2019 should also come the credit card connection (Mastercard) 
- The JARVIS AI Withdrwal deposit will be removed soon (so you can remove deposit without penalty), but this is only possible ONCE. So if you
   completely leave the Arbitage Bot (withdrawing money), you can not start the bot anymore But more recent projects will follow. My advice always
   leave at least 0.01 ETH in the bot.
- Google Auth should be installed and activated. The security features (2FA and Mnemonic words) give one good protection against abuse.
- Private keys are shared with everyone and all crypto addresses are changed.
- There are about 200 Jarvis Bots (as of June 1, 2019). The average daily Jari of Jarvis is: 0.3-0.7%, but he can until to 15-18%.
   In total, around 168 servers are in use around the world.
- It actively collaborates with other partners and distributors such as Expedia to book hotels, planes, etc. to offer via CTO.
- Cloudtoken already has 6 offices, 4 of them in China.
- Many new services are coming out. One is the ability to communicate between members of their groups.
- At the moment there are a lot of updates but they also provide new features and increase security.

Often it is the quality of the network that makes a project great. And there is some indication that the CloudToken is a strong one Community will be
behind. We are still at the beginning of what an investor can significantly increase profit potential

The content written down here and the facts collected are the basis for our personal assessment. We are in Cloudtoken Invested and
very excited about what opportunities there are. We will continue to monitor the project on a continuous basis, but also to observe
critically and, of course, expand our investment. In addition, we will support ALL of our team members and bring them forward.
If you are also an investor and / or interested in further information you can contact us

Happy Earning and a very successful profitable cooperation.

People's Training Team / Team Milesstone Now follows a short video with the basics, it is briefly described what it has with the CloudToken
on it.

CTO is seeking a partnership with payment service provider Pundi X (POS);

if this partnership occurs, it will be possible to pay with the CTO
wherever Pundi X POS terminals are or will be! By the end of
December 2020,

Pundi X has set itself the goal of bringing a whopping 100,000 to
700,000 XPOS devices to market worldwide. Partnerships are
important, and acceptance points anyway, both companies,
CloudToken and Pundi X want to bring crypto currencies into the

CloudToken allows daily bonuses for the user & Pundi X offers
dealers a "win-win" situation: "get paid because you get paid "

Click here for the Video

Basic video ->
What does the cloud token do
Here you can find all the basic information about the Cloud Token


Find here the Video

Toller Tip :  Cloudtoken app on the PC in the Android emulator

Here are several Android emulators that run under Windows 10. We tested these emulators. And one for very good.

Click here

Installation / Operation of the Cloud App

In this video you will learn how to install the app, how to deposit cryptos and activate JARVIS AI.

To register you need a Ref code. This is as follows: 1344528807. After registering + starting Jarvis (deposit more than $ 200) please sign up by mail to receive your surprise bonus. I am happy to assist you as an upline for questions.

Click here to send an email. Only then will you get the bonus

 Das Video ( Iphone ):

Click here to download the PDF

Installing the cloud token APP
This is how it's done:

1. You download the app from    
    iPhone users must visit the app General  
    Settings -> Release device management

2. You are asked, one 
    invitation code 1344528807

3. In the next step you will asked for a
    six-digit PIN forgive, this pin will be later  
    Urgently needed.
4. It will give you a 16-digit login ID and your
    6-digit PIN is displayed. We encourage you
    to take a screenshot of it and on to save a
    safe place. These numbers will be your
                                                credentials in the future.

 more here:

5. Now you will be to the start screen of  
     Headed CloudToken.
6. Touch the cryptocurrency, in which you  
     want to invest for
7. Click on "Deposit" to view the To make  
     payment. Scan the QR code or copy the 
     Address in your wallet.
8. Switch to the "Projects" area, to start the 
     AI- Bot (JARVIS AI).
9. Now click on "JARVIS AI". On the face 
     which is pictured


10. Select the cryptocurrency in which
      you made the deposit. (Point 6 and 7)

Here is an example with ETH

11. Add the amount you would like to trade    
      with the JARVIS AI software.

 If you click Max, the maximum will be available amount after deduction the fees calculated and added.

Now it should look like this

And that's all set up. Happy Earning

Finish Jarvis and pay off the deposited balance.

First, one should think well and the Jarvis should run at least 30 days to not run into the cost trap. Furthermore you should always have CTO coins. Because the fee is converted to cloud token. On the basis of the new directive you should not completely vacate the Jarvis offer. Since it may be that you can start this otherwise never again. A remainder of about $ 10 does not hurt.

Im Jarvis auf die Waehrung klicken und Seitwaerts schieben. dann taucht der Remove Button auf

Remove Button

In Jarvis click on the currency and slide sideways. Then the Remove button appears.

Hier die Felder ausfüllen und Proceed drücken

Withdraw the cryptocurrency

In the Jarvis click on the currency and push sideways. then the remove button appears

Damit ist alles erledigt. Der im Jarvis gelockte Betrag wird auf der interen Wallet gutgeschrieben

Process complet

Everything is done with that. The curled in Jarvis amount is credited to the internal wallet


Interview live video -> Here comes the developer to speak
Here you can watch a live interview, where all the backgrounds, technical details and much more is explained. Take the one hour, it could be the most important of your life!

Cloud Token and Ronald Aai -
The revealing

Here one has dealt with the topic of cloud tokens. One learns here a lot of background information


Cloud Token und Ronald Aai - Die Enthüllung / Hintergruende

More videos

Have a look to some other Video of Cloud Token ( Speaking English )


Chief Architect is demonstrating the technology behind Cloud Token


The Cloud Token Wallet had its Global Digital Finance Innovation Summit

Cloud Token White Paper

Important: Cloud Token -
The biggest revelation - German


Cloud Token |
LIVE Trading Feed With Binance

Blockchain Summit


Live on Stage: Ronald Aai, the Chief
Technology Officer of the "Cloud Token Wallet" project.

Cloud Token is the world's first social wealth wallet to integrate all blockchain cryptographic assets into one platform. It is developed using the latest 4.0 blockchain platform technology, capable of performing cross-chain encryption exchange and payment from the famous encryption market AI arbitrage engine for manufacturers, e-commerce and other products.

Our goal is to provide our members with a focused social wealth generation ecosystem
and become the de facto standard token for
the blockchain industry. The Cloud Token
Wallet had its Global Launching Ceremony at Bangkok, Thailand on May 12, 2019! .

Important also note our disclaimer. Only invest this Money which you can really do without.
As always, there is a risk of total loss!

Attention the disclaimer page opens a new window in the browser
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